The Boundaries w/ Your Fam Mastermind

Queer womxn: finally get freedom from family guilt and fear

Have you ever wondered what life could be like if you stopped worrying about your family's feelings first and started voicing your own needs? Does the mere thought of that slightly terrify you? 😬

In this mastermind you'll do work on the hardest groups to set boundaries with: family. Even if you chose them, family is still super hard to set and keep boundaries with for endless reasons.

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Each week our fabulous group will meet together, so you'll have the opportunity to hear stories from the other womxn who are doing this work the same time you are. 💕

⚡ Week 1: Discover what drives your unique, personal boundaries with family

⚡ Week 2: We'll explore the different types of boundaries and define the top 3 boundaries you need to set next with family

⚡ Week 3: Future-proofing your family relationships: when to know it's time to set a boundary

⚡ Week 4: Learn how to state your boundaries with firm compassion

⚡ Week 5: Hold your ground when things get tough (i.e. someone has a hard time receiving your boundary or you feel massive guilt/anxiety)

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Bridgett S.

Hey Phoebe! Wanted to reach out to let you know I am using the skills you impart in your Personal Boundaries course. But more than that thanks for breaking it down, providing easy to understand tasks and examples. It was challenging to journal them sometimes and down right hard to think about practicing them with my family and business partner. But gotta say....yesterday was a solid productive day thanks to you and the skills you have imparted!! I kept my honesty and integrity in every situation by speaking and saying no or just listening not rushing in to fix. It was FABULOUS!! Being polyamorous partnered with two fabulous humans that identify as queer and the other bi, life has gotten very full in the last year. Teens, grown children, business partner, biological family.....I’m exhausted from my lack of boundaries. Perfect course at the exact time I’m doing other personal work that strengthens my whole life goals. Thank you thank you thank you!! You’ve got a huge fan here.

Alyssa H.

Phoebe’s teaching on boundaries provided me with clarity that kick started my own healing journey in a major way: it was the main thing that finally got me to go to al anon. Finally I was able to make changes in how I dealt with and reacted to my family, and get out of the loop I felt stuck in. She showed me that boundary setting was a major act of love; one that’s made such a huge difference in my life and taught me that real friendship and healthy empathy both require boundaries to sustain.

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This is for you if:

You're not sure what your boundaries with your family even are, but something is off and you know you need them

Your chosen/blood family relationships are okay, and maybe you've done some work on this topic, but you could be stronger/more firm - you know there's more work to do

You're really struggling with chosen/blood family not treating you well/overstepping your boundaries (whether spoken or not)

You're generally dissatisfied with the state of your relationships with chosen/blood family - things are really hard

You're super unhappy w/ your family relationships and in need of a reset button and some tough love 









Meagan W.

I've learned about boundaries here and there over the years and I've come to realize that there's often a disconnect between learning about the concept of boundaries and the practical piece of identifying and implementing them in your real life. Phoebe doesn't just tell you what boundaries are, she shows you how to determine, set and uphold your boundaries. She's able to do this because she's done the work herself. To put it simply, Phoebe walks her talk. Phoebe has shown me that setting boundaries can be difficult AND it's so worth it! One of the greatest lessons that Phoebe has modeled for me is that upholding my boundaries, especially when it's difficult or uncomfortable, is an act of self-love and that each of us is worthy of such care. Phoebe's fierce dedication to personal integrity and authenticity inspire me daily to show up and do the work of being true to myself. Boundaries are a foundational piece of the process for me.

About Phoebe

Phoebe Claire Conybeare is a boundary setting expert. She helps queer/curious millennial womxn set better boundaries through her 1:1 and group coaching services. Obsessed with radical holistic wellness & self healing, she's a joyful, sober, polyamorous femme babe living in Chicago with her 20+ plant babies. 🌱

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Luisana R.

The greatest way Phoebe has taught me about boundaries is through living what she teaches everyday. Her life is a testimony to how healthy boundaries can transform your life and relationships. When I see Phoebe thriving and living her best life, it inspires me to work towards the same for myself. I know that if I continue to look inward and define what serves me, what me brings me joy, what makes me feel worthy, I will be on the path to living the life truly want.